Chipper Jones Saved LaRoche’s Season

Adam LaRoche
Adam LaRoche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




A month ago Chipper Jones parked in the visitor parking lot and ambled into the Nationals locker room at Turner Field.  He and Adam LaRoche sat down and watched film.  This was shocking to many at the time because Chipper is a OTHOF (one team hall of fame).  LaRoche came up through the Braves farm system and he and Chipper have a friendship that transcends laundry (as Seinfeld would say). What ever Chipper did or said seems to have worked.  LaRoche has had a torrid pace in the month of May.


April 9.00% 32.60% 0.136 0.213 0.259 0.473 0.216
May 12.70% 23.50% 0.341 0.422 0.648 1.069 0.449


In April, LaRoche was the worst 1st baseman in baseball.  In May, according to WAR he is 4th behind Votto, Chis Davis, and Goldschmidt.  Votto is batting .424 AVG.  LaRoche is probably the poster boy for regression to the mean.





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