Thomas Boswell watches baseball games in slow motion


Tom Boswell always delivers great information in his weekly chat on  Monday, he delivered this one:

I watch some games entirely in slow motion. You fast forward between pitches, foul balls, between innings and relief pitcher delays, but you freeze the picture as the ball is about to be thrown and then watch the pitch itself in slo-mo. That way, you can watch a 3 hour game in maybe 2:15 but you get a great grasp of the pitch recognition abilities of hitters. Great hitters, or hitters in a hot streak, are said to “slow the game down.” By using slow mo, you slow the game down enough that you __the slob observer__ can see the game as they SHOULD see it and as they WANT to see it.  “Everything” becomes obvious so quickly that it’s spooky.

Damn it, Boswell.  Now I’ll be watching baseball games in slow motion too if my Comcast equipment can support it.

Boswell also delivered these thoughts.

On Espinosa:

This year, Espinosa has the worst pitch recognition I have ever seen __except for pitchers trying to hit. It’s unbelievable.

On Rendon:

Rendon’s pitch recognition was as good as anybody on the team, except Harper who is unreal when he’s “locked.”

On the Nationals’ handling of Harper’s injury:

As well as the Nats handled Strasburg, that’s how dumb __and not in control of the player__ they look now.



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