Is OPACY A Band Box? Yes

Judging by Wednesday’s game I would say so. There is a way to judge a parks propensity to allow home runs. Based on the calculated park factors the O’s play in a very attractive wiffle ball field. Love the Warehouse, Love Boogs, Love Eutaw Street, Love the Location near the Inner Harbor. Greatly dislike the unfairness of the field.

This is how OPACY played over the last 6 years.

OPACY Nats Park
Year Rank Factor Rank Factor
8 1 1.359 16 0.942
9 5 1.185 19 0.97
10 5 1.162 15 1
11 8 1.114 9 1.11
12 5 1.314 13 1.044
4.8 1.2268 14.4 1.0132

Interesting to note in 08, OPCY was the most HR friendly park and tends to be top 5. Even more of a band box than Citizens Bank and Great American.

Nats Park in 10, was exactly even with a rate of 1 and tends to play it even for the pitcher and hitters




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