Why is Danny Espinosa still playing Major League Baseball?

It’s painful to watch Danny Espinosa play baseball.  It’s even more painful to look at his stats.

Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.30.41 PM

With 41 games played, about one quarter of an MLB season, Danny Espinosa has a -0.7 WAR and a -0.8 Offensive WAR.

Even more alarming is the defensive WAR of only 0.2.  Espinosa has been banking on his reputation as a quality defensive player leading Nationals fans to say things like “well, at least he plays good defense.”

The numbers suggest someone–anyone–would be an improvement over this automatic out.

I ask: why is Danny Espinosa still playing Major League Baseball?  It’s almost June.  Shut him down.  Demote him.  Frame him for murder.  Do something, Nationals.  This guy is killing the team.


3 thoughts on “Why is Danny Espinosa still playing Major League Baseball?”

  1. Anthony Rendon up to AAA Syracuse. Ostensibly to get in a few minor league games at 2B before he’s called up to replace Espinosa. He’s a natural third baseman who needs a little time to learn a middle infield position. Much more difficult than a middle infielder moving to a corner like Manny Machado.

    1. Hard to imagine a couple of days will make a difference. It’ll be a tough transition no matter what. If they’re gonna do it, do it now.

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