Here come the Strasburg trolls


Here come the trolls.

I swear to God these columns were written last year when the Nationals first announced that Stephen Strasburg would have an innings limit in 2012. Now, the Strasburg trolls are bringing them out, slapping a date on them, and promulgating their obliviousness on the world.

Today’s troll is Matt Meyers of ESPN. I won’t give a full review of Meyers’ assault on reason, but I will address two of his points and explain why he’s an idiot.

there was a healthy dose of hubris in the Nationals’ decision to shut down Strasburg at the end of last season. It was as if they were saying to the league, “It’s cool, we’re so good we’ll be back a few more times with this squad.”

The Nationals decided to shut down Strasburg long before they won the NL East. It wasn’t “hubris”. It was a carefully designed rehabilitation plan, endorsed by doctors, to recover from major surgery. Every Nationals pitcher recovering from Tommy John surgery goes through the same program. They didn’t bench Strasburg because they were convinced they didn’t “need” him. He would have been shut down if the Nationals were in first, second, or last place.

Furthermore, we should know by now that pitcher injuries are incredibly unpredictable, and you can only do so much to prevent them. While the Nationals had the best interests of Strasburg and the organization in mind when they shut him down last season, they had no way of knowing if they could prevent an injury. He could end up on the disabled list because of the injury he suffered tonight — and that could cost them a playoff spot.

The Nationals never said they could prevent all future injuries. That would be ridiculous. But they shut him down last season to maximize his chances to have a healthy career. Pitchers are a crapshoot with injuries, and the Nationals never suggested otherwise.

The bottom line is that Strasburg’s injury yesterday had nothing to do with last season. But trolls like Matt Meyers will still write about 2012 because it gets people’s attention.

I should ignore this, but I can’t. This is a pitch in the dirt, but i cant lay off it. I feel like a hitter trying to hit a Strasburg change up.

Get well soon.


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