Remember That Money Ball OB% Thing: Anthony Rendon Does

The Nationals have the worst on base % of any team in the National league, .293.

So, I guess that is improving right?  Uh no,  last week the team had a .237 OBP worst in the league

While OBP isn’t the best correlation with runs scored (wOBA is), OBP and runs scored does strongly correlate.

How do the Nats improve OBP.  If only there were a high OBP (.367 in his call up) type player in their farm system named, oh I don’t know,  Anthony Rendon to sub for a player that has a .193 OBP ranked 211 of 211 players with 150 at bats.  .367 is Mike Trout and Ian Kinsler, Manny Machado  territory.   I am not saying that is what Rendon will do, I am saying that is what he did during his call up.  It didn’t seem that way because he only batted .240 without much power, but he gave the team quality at bats.

I watched Rendon his junior year at Rice (not knowing he would be a Nat).  The guy was am on base machine because he knew the strike zone and didn’t force things.  Most people saw his junior year as a down year from the year before when he won NCAA player of the year.  I smarter analysis would have been he understood he was being pitched around and worked it to his teams advantage.  Bottom line is Rendon is the type of hitter the Nats don’t have and desperately need.




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