Mets Broadcasters Troll Nats Over the Strasburg Shutdown

I had a chance to listen to the Mets broadcast team of Gary Cohen and Ron Darling

It is amazing to me how much the Strasburg Shutdown is not understood.

So, now I will go through and correct the record:

The very fact is if they had Stephen Strasburg starting in that series instead of Edwin Jackson it would have gone very differently.  

Edwin Jackson was always going to start for the Nats.  Ross Detweiler was the pitcher who was added to postseason rotation.  How did Ross do: Six innings, zero earned runs.  He was the most effective pitcher for the Nats in the postseason.

In your biggest game you had a weapon you decided not to use.  

By the end of Strasburg’s year he was far from the Nats biggest weapon.  Strasburg was showing fatigue in his arm (like Rizzo said he would)  He gave up 5 and 7 runs in two of his last three starts.  He was nowhere near as good a pitcher at the end of the season than he was at the beginning of the season when he was April NL pitcher of the month.

The decision to shut down Strasburg was based on health, but it was also based on a feeling in the Washington Organization that said “Hey, we have a lot of young talent, we are going to be good for a long time. We will get plenty of chances to pitch in the post season.  It smacked of a bit of hubris then, and it still feels that way.  

This is the biggest lie about the Starsburg shutdown. That Rizzo and the Nats made their decision based on anything other than the set injury recovery plan.  The truth is, he was treated like every other pitcher in the Nationals system recovering from Tommy John surgery. He pitched the same number of innings as Jordan Zimmermann the year before and will have pitched under the same recovery plan the Nats have for Sammy Solis and Lucas Giolato. The only people treating Strasburg different are the willfully uninformed national media like Gary Cohen.

The Nats are remarkably consistent in their rehab program.  I won’t even touch the hubris comment.  At one point Ron Darling commented that the 86 Mets thought they would be back in the post season too.  He forgot that int he 80’s there was no wild card and only 2 divisions per league.

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