Exactly Where Are the Nats Failing at the Plate

The Nationals are not a good hitting team.  They are near the bottom in most offensive categories.  Where is the team having problems?  Using wOBA as a standard of measure, I looked at production by position for the Nats compared to the rest of the National League.

As you can see below, The combo of Lombo and Espinosa were a significant drain on the team.  Noe that Rendon is getting a shot there, a patch appears to be in place.  Some other interesting things:

Desmond is exceeding normal SS production

Zimmerman  and the Right Field of Harperr or Werth is league average

LaRoche is on his way back to league average

Span is below average in hitting, but his fielding makes up for it (not measured).

Nats League Compare
C 0.274 0.303 90%
1B 0.306 0.319 96%
2B 0.215 0.304 71%
SS 0.331 0.303 109%
3B 0.305 0.308 99%
RF 0.328 0.328 100%
CF 0.293 0.314 93%
LF 0.281 0.327 86%

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