Ross Ohlendorf Should Walk Away From Baseball


Ohlendorf’s parents own a Texas Long Horn cattle ranch near Austin, Texas.  He  is a Princeton grad.   As a student he penned a thesis entitled Investing in Prospects: A Look at the Financial Successes of Major League Rule IV Drafts from 1989-1993, in which he used sabermetrics to demonstrate ROI for draft picks.  He majored in Operations Research and Financial Engineering (sounds a little spooky) Oh he also has a pitching windup similar to pitchers in the dead ball era.

On Wednesday the Nats called the 30 year old up for a spot start.  He was sensational, two hits and one run allowed.  My advise to him…Walk away now.  Announce your retirement, it will not get better than this.  The Nationals fan base is flummoxed by you.  You have already made 3 mil playing baseball.  Odds are,  there is no big payday in the future.  Besides, this would make a much better story.  The book deal awaits.

In case you wondered: Last year he had a 7.77 ERA in 13 games with the Padres, which was an improvement over 2011 where he had 8.15 ERA in nine games with the Pirates.


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