RF Babe Ruth and Bryce Harper Have More Things In Common

Babe Ruth knocked unconscious playing right field in Washington’s Griffith Stadium after running into the wall.

Bryce Harper almost knocked unconscious playing right filed for the Washington Nationals after running into the wall.

When the Nationals had Negro League throwback night in Atlanta, I read a tweet about a book by Brad Snyder called Beyond The Shadow Of The Senators, about the Homestead Grays. The book introduction was quite startling. The above picture of Babe Ruth is what leads off the book. It was the 1924 season, the one in which Washington would eventually win the World Series. Seeing these picture, I was immediately reminded of the Washington Post piece at the beginning of the year comparing the swing of Haper to Ruth. I remember at the time some on Twitter made Ruth / Harper runs into the wall jokes. Turns out, they were right. Oh, and Ruth didn’t even get pulled from the game. He also played the next game of the double header.


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