The Reasons for Rendon’s Success


Anthony Rendon has had a very successful second stint with the Nationals after Danny Espinosa was placed on the DL and sent down to the minors. His first time called up to replace Ryan Zimmerman was good, but not great.  You can read my analysis of his first call up here.

There are a couple of good stats that help explain his success.  He is doing what I predicted he would do, have quality at bats.  He is averaging 4.41 pitches per at bat.  That places him in the top six in baseball in that category, slightly ahead of Jayson Werth, a noted quality at bat guy (see game 4 NLDS last year).  When you watch him batting with two strikes you can see how he uses his quick bat to foul of pitches until the pitcher gives him something to drive.

The other telling stat about Rendon’s batting is his line drive % is 44.2%.  That makes him the best line drive hitter in baseball with baseball this year with batters over 70 at bats.  He has a BABIP of .431, which makes complete sense when you consider the kind of hard hit balls he has.

The other thing Rendon is doing is getting on base a lot.  He has an OBP about .400.  All of these traits make him an ideal number 2 hitter in the batting order.  Davey put him there over last weekend, and that is where he should stay.

Oh, and he has an amazing mullet.


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