The Faces of Werth


Jayson Werth shows emotion. Sometimes. Other times, after huge moments it looks like he’s waiting for a turkey sandwich at a deli.

Werth had a huge game. 3 runs. The game tying RBI. Against a team he legitimately hates.

Yet, in the image above, after getting the Nats on the board for the first time on the night, he looks like a librarian just told him his requested book is not available for two weeks.


This image is right after Jayson Werth made a huge play at the plate, knocking in Denard Span with 2 outs in the 9th to avoid a sweep. It looks like he’s waiting for a traffic light to change.

One more image.


It’s Jonathan Papelbon. You can’t see his face. Because he’s sulking. Because he just blew the save. Again.

That one’s my favorite.


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