What is a Jean Segura, and how is he having a better season than Desmond?

Desmond might be the NL starter at SS if the leading vote getter Troy Tulowitzki is still on the DL. If he is, there will be some in Milwaukee and baseball that will raise their hand and remind everyone that Jean Segura is having a better season.

Occasionally looking a the WAR statistics for this year an unknown (to me) name kept popping up, Jean Segura. Over the last two years, Ian Desmond with his 7.7 combined WAR is the best SS in baseball, but this guy, Jean Segura is outplaying him this year. Because, lets face it, I don’t watch Brewers games, or care that much, he has been a curiosity until this four game series.

Segura, was signed by the Angels as an international free agent at 17. He worked his way up through the farm system until he was the top position prospect in the Angels system and eventually was the center piece of the Greinke trade last year (how did that work for the Angels again?)

Segura is on his way to a 200 hit season with 10 home runs at the half way point. He has stolen 24 bases and his fielding at SS appears league average (his 2 errors on Monday not withstanding). Watching the Milwaukee braodcast they juxtaposed him and Harper in their game opening. That might be a little overboard, but after Chris Davis, he might be the biggest surprise in baseball.

Here is a warning for those on the Segura is the next great young player team: His offensive numbers cooled off in June, and it looks like he coasting off his red hot April and May.

Jean Segura 11 46 33 24 0.325 0.358 0.370 3.4
Ian Desmond 15 36 49 8 0.275 0.314 0.350 2.7

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