Can we call them “The Big 3” and can you tell them apart

Here are the stat lines for Strasburg, Zimmerman and Gio. It is amazing how similar they are. What is even more amazing is how this Nats team has let two of these pitcher’s seasons go to waste. One guy has 12 wins this year and looks like a Cy Young candidate, the other two look just like him in the stats column.

Can you tell them apart:

Hint: They only real difference between them is is in BB/9 and innings pitched. Other than that they within the margin of randomness when it comes to statistics.

120.2 6.34 1.27 0.75 0.243 77.70% 48.60% 2.46
100.1 8.79 2.78 0.63 0.258 75.90% 52.30% 2.24
105 8.91 3.77 0.77 0.245 76.60% 45.80% 3.09

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