A Justin Upton Update


Bow your head and say a small prayer for Justin Upton’s MVP season, because it died a long time ago.

Justin Upton’s monster April is history.  Ancient history.  He hit 2 home runs and one in June.  His pathetic .211 batting average in May skyrocketed to .226 last month.  Overall, he’s put an average 1.0 WAR on the season.  In fact, according to Baseball Reference, he has a -0.1 Wins Below Average.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 10.45.55 PM

Upton and the Braves got a ton of press in April when Upton hit 12 home runs en route to a 12-1 start.  I know it’s not exactly news that both have cooled off since then, but it’s totally worth repeating.


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