Nerdy Tweets from @JulieAlexandria

MASN reporter Julie Alexandria is a nerd, which is actually kinda cool.  And with Twitter, we get a window to the nerdiness, which is also kinda cool.

To be fair, Julie warns us about her nerdiness, clearly stating in her Twitter profile that she’s an “@Xbox Ambassador” and “Sci-Fi suuper geek”. That’s with 2 “u’s”, which is way geekier than one.



I don’t know, Julie.  That’s a lot of Star Wars/Star Trek tweets.  You might be a “suuuper” geek.


Finally, there’s this one.  I endorse.



One thought on “Nerdy Tweets from @JulieAlexandria”

  1. – What a shot! I love the moment you have creautpd and the 50 1.2 does an amazing job capturing all lights in the background. Love this lens! Thankyou for sharing your thought process and I can’t wait to see the rest!

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