Washingtonian Magazine strangely calls the Racing Presidents “the best mascots in baseball”


The latest Washingtonian Magazine has an article titled “Best of Washington: 62 Reasons to Love Our City”.  Why the Washingtonian staff decided to give up after 62 reasons, we’ll never know.  I’m sure if they thought really hard, they could come up with an even 100.  But that’s beside the point.

Some of the reasons on Washingtonian the list are compelling (#33-There’s always free live music somewhere in the city), some of the reasons are less than compelling (#52-One of the world’s top sake expects works less than an hour away), and at least one of them in an outright lie (#10-The Wizards may return to the playoffs yet).

Two of their reasons were Nationals-related.  #49-We can take a boat to a baseball game (more on this later) and the below image, #19-The Racing Presidents may be the best mascots in baseball.


The best?  Really?

Look, the Racing Presidents have been a source of amusement for (almost) everyone.  The whole “Let Teddy Win” movement gave the fan base some entertainment when the play on the field was anything but entertaining.  Even now, the nightly Presidents race is a fun little distraction from the game.

But the Racing Presidents have been around for 5 minutes compared to many of baseball’s most popular mascots.  Mr. Met has been a symbol of the Mets since 1962.  The Phillie Fanatic has been entertaining obnoxious Phillies fans since 1978.  Bernie Brewer has been diving into giant buckets of beer since 1973.  All of these mascots probably have a larger following and name recognition.

But most importantly, the Racing Presidents’ signature schtick, racing around the field between innings, is completely lifted from another team: the Brewers, whose Racing Sausages have been running since 1991.

Best mascots? I’m all about hometown pride, but let’s not get carried away.

The Phillie Fanatic
The Phillie Fanatic
The Racing Sausages
The Racing Sausages
Mr. Met
Mr. Met



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