Dallas Latos attacks random Nats fan on Twitter

Twitter is an interesting little social experiment, and never was this more obvious than last Wednesday, when the life of Nationals fan @NorthCaroliNats unexpectedly intersected with Dallas Latos  wife of Reds pitcher, Mat Latos (see pic at bottom of post).

It started with this tweet:

Further discussion led to this tweet:

This discussion may have evaporated into the Twittersphere had Dallas Latos herself not noticed.

What a strange little episode. Apparently, Dallas Latos really cares what random Nats fans say about her on Twitter. You’d think she’s have better things to do with her time. Ironically, she said suggested other people “get a hobby”.

Dallas, in case you’re reading this, I’m just kidding. Please don’t sue me. Or the planet.

Dallas Latos

One thought on “Dallas Latos attacks random Nats fan on Twitter”

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