Didn’t Jayson Werth also say “Play me or trade me”?

Jayson Werth

From Dan Kolko on masnsports.com:

Following last night’s game, Davey Johnson told reporters that he planned to give Bryce Harper the weekend off in an effort to get Harper on track and out of an 0-for-18 funk.

Harper wasn’t a fan of that idea, and sent a text message to his manager last night.

“Play me or trade me,” the text message read.

Johnson’s response?

“Since trading’s out of the question, I guess I’m gonna play him,” the Nationals’ skipper said today, with a laugh.

Haha.  Everyone is laughing.  Harper is “gamer”.  Davey Johnson is a lovable “players manager”.

But haven’t we seen this before?  Back in April, Jayson Werth hurt his hamstring.  Allegedly, he sent Davey Johnson a text message saying–you guessed it–“play me or trade me”.

Well, it was too soon.  Werth hurt his hamstring again, and it required a DL stint.

Last night, when I heard Davey was resting Harper for two days, not one, I thought one thing: “injured”.  Star players don’t “rest” two days in a row, unless they’re hurt.

Let’s hope I’m not right.  Because Bryce is playing today.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t Jayson Werth also say “Play me or trade me”?”

  1. I think Toronto is the team with its head in the clouds right now. Too many tinghs went right in Toronto last year, and they’re going to have to count on all those tinghs going right again. I think the Orioles can (but not necessarily will) pass the Jays and contend for 3rd in the division. The bullpen and lineup are both solid, and the rotation has some talent, too. Defense will probably be the biggest problem. Mark Reynolds is a lousy 3rd baseman, Derek Lee is past his prime on both sides of the ball, and Brian Roberts isn’t getting any younger, either, and can never seem to stay healthy. True, JJ Hardy is never going to be mistaken for ARod or Nomar in their prime, but the fact is that there’s a chronic shortage of shortstops these days and there aren’t very many who are better. Even so, there’s a very good possibility Buck Showalter can motivate these guys enough to turn out a respectable team that can at least keep tinghs interesting. Anyone who thinks I’m reaching here might do well to remember the 2008 Rays. There’s always a surprise team on its way.

  2. What the Nat’s and Orioles have done this season is rarlmkabee. As a lifelong Yankee’s fan, I won’t discount that. I have lived in this area for well over 5 years and not once have I jumped ship to root for a local team. I have regular conversations with the author of this column, and though our taste in teams should make us hate each other, we have a mutual respect for each other’s team pride. Ever wonder why there are Yankees fans at so many games down here? Tickets are cheaper. Even when we suck, Yankee stadium is packed. Before Strasburg came along, they were practically giving tickets to Nats games away. If you say you were an O’s fan but now you’re a Nats fan you clearly have no idea what it means to be a fan at all. You don’t jump ship because the team closer to you is more successful. That would be like a Met’s fan saying, we’ll since the Yankee’s are in the post season, I’m now a Yankee’s fan. That would never happen, and vice versa. I experienced the atmosphere at Camden Yards last night first hand. The fans were great, and even though I was there in all my pinstripe pride, the fans were really respectful. I can say without a doubt that even if its another 15 years before they make the playoffs, that incredible fan base will remain intact. As for you Nat’s fans, I’m curious to see what happens to your Natitude if you lose these next two and it’s another 15 years before you make the playoffs again!

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