MLB’s official website still pushing Yasiel Puig


This morning, I documented how is clearly favoring Yaisel Puig at the expense of the other four “Final Vote” All-Star candidates.

Despite a full day of MLB action on Sunday to report, MLB’s official website is pushing Puig even harder.  The headline for the lead story this morning read “Air of finality: Help pick the last two All-Stars.”  Now, it reads “New Puig on the block joins NL Final Vote.”

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 5.47.10 PM

Oh, they also added another story informing us that even Puig’s teammate and fellow nominee Adrian Gonzalez is in favor of Puig.  Serously, people, even the OTHER NOMINEES want Puig in the All-Star Game.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 5.47.20 PM

I’m wondering why that’s news.  What is Adrian Gonzalez supposed to say when asked that question?  Of course he’s going to tell reporters he wants his teammate to be an All-Star.

The whole thing is aggravating because Ian Desmond deserves to be an All-Star.  Major League Baseball, if you wanted Puig to be an All-Star so badly, you should have chosen him yourselves.


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