Ross Detwiler recognized for the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award

Ross Detwiler was recognized for the inaugural Bob Feller Act of Valor Award, for the trip he and Craig Stammen made with the USO in the offseason to spend time with, and thank the troops. Detwiler actually left his honeymoon early to go on the trip.  That is right, he left his wife in Hawaii.  I have a certain appreciation for players who make these kinds of trips.

I spent a year  in Baghdad as Company Commander with the 1st Cavalry in 04-05   I had a chance to meet some celebrities and entertainers in the dining facilities as they came into the camp on USO tours.  One of those I had a chance to meet was of all people, Rob Dibble,. This was before he started doing Nats games, actually, before the Nats period.  I think his time with Washington ended very badly, but he and Diamond Dallas Page donned a flack jacket and helmet and met a thanked a lot of soldiers.

Here are a few links about Det’s trip:

Here is a link to the Bob Feller award:

The nominees are:

  • Nick Swisher, first baseman, Cleveland Indians
  • Justin Verlander, pitcher, Detroit Tigers
  • Cole Hamels, pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies
  • Justin Morneau, first baseman, Minnesota Twins
  • Ross Detwiler, pitcher, Washington Nationals

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