There are no Nats prospects on the Baseball America’s Top 50: And that is OK

Baseball America published their mid-season top-50 prospect report. To the surprise of no one, the Nationals have no prospect on the list.  That is perfectly fine.  The Nats don’t need prospects on the list because they have already graduated their prospects to the big leagues.  Many players drafted along side Anthony Rendon 2 years ago are on the list.  They are still in school, Rendon is hitting .300 in the bigs.  Jameson Taillon, who was drafted one slot behind Bryce Harper is number 11 on the list.  Bryce is a 2 time all-star.  Do you get my point here, the goal is graduation and the Nats are doing a fantastic job.

This year, first time major leaguers Ian Krol and Taylor Jordan are contributing.  Jordan, who never made one of the vaunted lists is actually holding down the #5 pitcher spot until Detwiler gets healthy.

The Nats do have a drafted player on the list, Alex Meyer, who was traded to the Twins is at #32 on the list.  Alex Meyer exists on the form of CF Denard Span patrolling center field every night.  The Nats traded potential for an everyday player who is under contract util 2015.

Furthermore, the Nats are one of the youngest teams in baseball.  Lets say they did have a top 50 player not on the 25, where would he play?  The only reason Rendon made the roster was Danny Espinosa failed miserably.  Rendon had to learn a new position, because his natural position is locked solid for at least another year.  The team’s position players are locked in for years, position player prospects need not apply.


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