Don’t look now: Werth is the guy Rizzo signed 3 years ago

The Nationals and Mike Rizzo have taken such criticism from all over the sports world from the 126 million, 7 year contract.  I remember listening to sports radio in Houston while the random sports guy flippantly called Werth the worst contract in baseball.  We have gone over this before.  If you want to read all the arguments for and against the contract and why the contact value is overstated check out our long form argument:

Werth is having a great season with the bat.  His WAR is still lagging due to his time on the DL and the hit his fielding has taken this year partially due to his injury.

Below is the weighted runs created for all MLB right fielders with 200 ABs (Puig didn’t qualify).  There are lots of stats to evaluate players, this one says Werth is earning his contract.

Do note Werth has outperformed Stanton and Bautista this year.

Name Team wRC+
Michael Cuddyer Rockies 150
Carlos Beltran Cardinals 146
Jayson Werth Nationals 131
Jose Bautista Blue Jays 129
Giancarlo Stanton Marlins 127
Marlon Byrd Mets 125
Nelson Cruz Rangers 125
Jay Bruce Reds 123

Now compare him to the other Nats.

Ian Desmond 15 0.281 0.328 0.486 0.349 123 3.5
Bryce Harper 13 0.264 0.371 0.522 0.381 145 1.6
Ryan Zimmerman 11 0.270 0.351 0.453 0.349 123 1.2
Denard Span 0 0.260 0.317 0.355 0.298 88 1.2
Jayson Werth 10 0.297 0.363 0.466 0.360 131 0.9

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