The five stages of grief this Nats season

A loose interpretation in York, Pennsylvania
A loose interpretation in York, Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally reached the fifth stage of grief watching the Nationals play the Pirates on Wednesday.

The fifth stage is one of acceptance for the 2013 version of the Nats.  Lets face it, most people started the season with the team in the playoffs competing for the World Series.  The problem with expectations like that is there is no room for surprise but disappointment and despair have a pending reservation.  Watching a contender as a fan is very different than watching a plucky upstart.  Last season was a season or wonderment “Wow, Have you seen their record, best team in baseball”.  This year is all about what the team hasn’t or didn’t do.  Lets look at the progress of the team through the stages of grief:

Denial:  This was sayings from the team like “It’s still early” or “There is too much talent on this team”

Anger:  This was the Henry Rodriguez and Danny Espinosa flame outs this years.  Anger that the team was playing them, anger that the players were not playing better.

Bargaining:  Just wait until Harper and Werth and Zimmerman and Ramos get healthy. If the hitting just comes on a little this team has a run in them.

Depression:  I am still a little bit in this one.  It is not fun to watch a team that has a real hard time scoring runs.

Acceptance:  This is not the year.  No matter how good this team plays from here on out the hole is too deep.


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