Dan Haren would love Strasburg’s run support

That might be a slight exaggeration. A better way to put it is Dan Haren is one of two pitcher in baseball that Stephen Strasburg doesn’t want to trade run support with. Dan Harren has not been good this year and his ERA support that. He has also been uniquely unlucky with his run support. The Nats are bad a scoring runs. When Harren pitches they are the worst. What is amazing is in order for him to get out of the bottom 10 he would have needed to average 1/2 a run a game more. Lucky for Haren that hasn’t made a huge difference in his win total. Now if we are talking Strasburg that is another story.

1 Dan Haren WSH 5.79 2.72
2 Chris Sale CHW 2.81 2.78
3 Stephen Strasburg WSH 2.85 2.85
4 Jered Weaver LAA 2.98 3.08
5 Phil Hughes NYY 4.33 3.11
6 Kevin Slowey MIA 4.11 3.14
7 Trevor Cahill ARI 4.66 3.18
8 Ricky Nolasco LAD/MIA 3.72 3.18
9 Eric Stults SD 3.45 3.19
10 A.J. Burnett PIT 2.96 3.22
11 Bud Norris HOU 3.93 3.29
12 Cliff Lee PHI 3.05 3.30
Kris Medlen ATL 3.78 3.30
14 Jarrod Parker OAK 3.79 3.35



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