Tyler Clippard’s comments about Drew Storen prove the Nationals players feel entitled


We’ve pinpointed the problem with the 2013 Nationals: entitlement.

Earlier this season, I marveled at Danny Espinosa’s reaction when he was demoted to AAA.  Espinosa was upset, despite the fact that he had a .158 OBP and was unquestionably the worst second basemen in baseball.

It appeared Espinosa thought he was entitled to the Nationals second base job, no matter how badly he played.

Now this destructive attitude has surfaced again, in the form of Tyler Clippard, who strongly defended his friend Drew Storen while criticizing the Nationals organization after the Storen’s demotion to AAA last night.  From Adam Kilgore’s piece in the Washington Post:

“You basically send a guy a message this offseason for having one bad game – that he’s not the guy for the job,” reliever Tyler Clippard said. “He’s only human. It’s going to get to anybody. … Eight months later, you get to a point where he’s struggling, and you turn the page on him and you send him down. It’s not necessarily turning the page on him, because I think he needs to regroup and get out of this environment and take a deep breath and re-gather himself. I just think it’s been handled very poorly.”

Storen has a 5.95 ERA this season including a 13.03 ERA in 12 appearances in July.  Look at those numbers.  They’re terrible.  There is no objective argument for keeping Storen in the bullpen right now.  He needs to fix himself in AAA.

I realize Clippard is defending his bro, but his comments reveal something else.  The Nationals players think they’re entitled to their jobs, no matter how poorly they perform.

Drew Storen is not entitled to a major league roster spot.  And he’s not entitled to the closer job either.  Instead of pouting when he loses either, I suggest he man up and get better.


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