Tigers fans blame Kate Upton for Verlander’s season. Could this happen to Harper?

Reading through some blog posts about the Tigers/Nats series, I came across an interesting item that concerned me for the moment.  Many Detroit Tigers fans blame Kate Upton for Justin Verlander’s down season this year.  The evidence seems to be pretty strong for the case.



1.  Justin Verlander won the AL MVP and Cy Young award in 2011.

2.  He started dating Kate Upton around the All-Star Game in 2012

3.  He had a awful 2012 All-Star Game taking the loss after giving up 5 runs in the top of the first inning

4.  The Tigers lost the World Series

4.  Kate Upton and Justin Verlander broke up some time in the off season

6.  Justin Verlander is not having a good season in 2013.  His ERA is almost 4.00 and his WHIP is the highest of his career.

I think it is pretty clear that if you connect the dots Kate Upton is to blame.

This brings up a pretty good question, could something like this happen Bryce Harper.  He lives in Las Vegas in the off season, he could probably date any young starlet anybody he pointed to in a magazine.  Then again, Harper seems to have perfectly nice girlfriend and doesn’t seem interested in living a glamorous lifestyle.  This is probably not something the Nats should worry about.

Note:  This was not a cheap way to add Kate Upton photos to the website


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