People who think they are smarter at baseball than Mike Rizzo

The objection to the Nats resigning Mike Rizzo are almost comical.  They tend to fall in a few categories:

1.  The only thing he did was draft Strasburg and Harper.  As if baseball were the NBA or NFL where picking a superstar like Lebron or a fanchise QB is all it takes to be significantly better than the league.  The list of #1 draft picks in baseball that flame out is bigger than the ones that succeed.  Maybe both players were fool proof.  Maybe the Nats org development program just made it look easy.

2.  They are having a bad season now, last year was a fluke.  By all means hold the teams 98 win season against him?  All you can say about the team this year is that 13 was not their only year, they are poised to be very good for a while.

3. I don’t like one decision he made, so he is an idiot.  OK, whatever.


4 thoughts on “People who think they are smarter at baseball than Mike Rizzo”

  1. I find it funny that you opine on a blog, yet on the same blog you bash others for voicing their their own opinion via Twitter. Now, I could be wrong, considering I’m not smarter than Mike Rizzo, but I believe the term for this is hypocrisy. Yes, you are a hypocrite. You are also an example of why many people don’t take blogs seriously. Just as anyone can tweet, anyone can blog, provided they don’t write past a third grade level. Your particular blog comes dangerously close to fourth grade, so you might want to tone things down a bit. Perhaps throwing in a few more “OK, whatever” comments or being more condescending will help your style. Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, being critical of a sports franchise’s decisions is part of what we, the fans, get to do. We’re the people who sacrifice our hard-earned money for tickets, merchandize, or MLB Extra Innings if we live out of market. We are the ones who must pay more when management makes decisions that don’t pan out. So yes, we have the right to complain, just like you have the right to complain in your blog.

  2. Mike Rizzo’s made some mistakes. No left hander last year was a major mistake. His bench strength has been weak. He’s done a great job overall, though. But until he’s got a few World Series under his belt knock off the sainthood thing, bubba.

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