Nats Stats (wRC+) 15 Aug

I am starting to keep track of wRC+ or (weighted runs created) on a week to week basis. This is a stat that measures a players offensive contribution compared to the league average.  In this case Jayson Werth is 60% better than the league average and Steve Lombardozzi is 39% worse.  This is different than WAR because it only measures hitting, it is not cumulative and it doesn’t take into account player position.

Name  Last Weel Change This Week wRC+
Jayson Werth 153 7 160
Bryce Harper 146 -8 138
Ian Desmond 117 8 125
Wilson Ramos 117 5 122
Ryan Zimmerman 113 3 116
Adam LaRoche 99 3 102
Anthony Rendon 95 6 101
Denard Span 87 1 88
Steve Lombardozzi 56 5 61
Kurt Suzuki 56 2 58
Roger Bernadina 42 0 42
Chad Tracy 34 -2 32


Werth is 3rd in the NL behidg Puig and Hanley Ramerez

Rendon, while slightly above average is the 7th ranked 2nd baseman in the NL

Desmond (not and All-Star)  leads all qualified SS in MLB

Zimmerman at 116 is better than Manny Machado at 110


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