ESPN doesn’t realize the Nationals got a new logo

On Tuesday morning, I took a swipe at the new Uni Watch Power Rankings on, which ranked the Nationals 26 out of 30 teams.  In it, I noted that Uni Watch’s reason for the Nats’ ranking–three different caps–was lame and inconsistent with Uni Watch’s own rankings.

I speculated the real reason for the Nationals low ranking is their lack of history.  After all, the Yankees uniform became iconic not because of its design, but because it’s associated with winning and greatest moments baseball history.

But today, I discovered another possible reason the folks at ESPN might discount the Nationals uniform scheme: they haven’t seen it.

Look at the below image, a screen shot of the “Rank ’em” feature attached to Uni Watch’s rankings.  Note to ESPN: the Nationals stopped using that logo in 2010.  Come on, “Worldwide Leader”.  It’s 2013.  Catch up.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.55.46 PM

*I’m aware the Rank ’em feature is done by ESPN’s SportsNation, not Uni Watch.  But since the people at found it appropriate to link them, so did I.


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