ESPN’s Uni Watch doesn’t like the Nationals uniforms

Uni Watch on ESPN ranked all 30 MLB uniforms on Monday, and the Nationals didn’t fare too well, placing 26th. The entire article can be read here.

Here is what Paul Lukas, Uni Watch guru, had to say about the Nats:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.09.24 AM

It’s not worth getting upset over something so inconsequential and subjective as uniform rankings. I mean, someone has to be 26th and–after all–this is just one dude’s opinion. But I don’t really understand the thought process here. Lukas doesn’t give a good justification for his low ranking, and doesn’t really offer any real criticism at all. Three different hats? That’s it? Lots of teams have three different hats, including the Baltimore Orioles, who are 17 spots higher on the list.

It’s hard to argue with the top of the rankings. The Cardinals, Cubs, and A’s all have great uniforms (although I would have put the Tigers and Dodgers 1 and 2, respectively). Most of his rankings have an explanation, but Lukas seems to punt when he gets to the Nationals at 26. I thought the Nationals latest uniform redesign in 2011 was very well done; it would have been nice to know why Uni Watch didn’t like it.

My guess? The uniforms are too new. These rankings are heavily tilted in favor of MLB’s older franchises. The first seven teams on the list are among the “original” 16 American and National League teams. Expansion teams seem to populate the bottom of the list.

You can blame the Nationals for a lot of things. Elijah Dukes. Lastings Milledge. The parking garages in Left Field. But you can’t blame them for not having a history.


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