Nats Stats (wRC+) 22 Aug

I am starting to keep track of wRC+ or (weighted runs created) on a week to week basis. This is a stat that measures a players offensive contribution compared to the league average.  In this case Jayson Werth is 62% better than the league average and Steve Lombardozzi is 42% worse.  This is different than WAR because it only measures hitting, it is not cumulative and it doesn’t take into account player position.

Name Last Week Change This Week
Jayson Werth 160 2 162
Bryce Harper 138 4 142
Wilson Ramos 122 4 126
Ian Desmond 125 -7 118
Ryan Zimmerman 116 1 117
Adam LaRoche 102 0 102
Anthony Rendon 101 -2 99
Denard Span 88 -1 87
Steve Lombardozzi 61 -3 58
Kurt Suzuki 58 0 58
Chad Tracy 32 4 36


Wilson Ramos jumps Ian Desmond this week

Both Werth and Harper are top 10 outfielders in MLB


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