Buster Olney lists the Nationals as a possible Free Agent destination for Robinson Cano

Buster Olney discusses the possible free agent destinations for Robinson Cano in his column this morning.  The other 3 teams discussed by Olney are the Tigers, Phillies, and Giants.

I’ll post his full comments below, but his main theme is this: The Lerners have a ton of money and 2013 was a disaster.  Not a bad argument.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.30.01 AM


Now, Olney is just speculating at this point.  There’s no actual news here.  Olney is getting ahead of the story since Robinson Cano’s free agency is likely the biggest story of the offseason (assuming Mike Trout doesn’t test positive for steroids).

How likely is this?  Probably more likely than you think.  My assumption is any play for Cano will be ownership driven.  Considering the money and years it would take to sign Cano, I doubt Rizzo will think he’s worth it.  But if the Lerners want to win, and now, I could see this happening.

Signing Cano would probably shift Rendon to third and Zimmerman to first.  LaRoche would probably be traded.  Whether this is an actual upgrade to the lineup is another discussion for another day.


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