Nats Stats wRC+

I keep track of wRC+ or (weighted runs created) on a week to week basis. This is a stat that measures a players offensive contribution compared to the league average.  In this case Jayson Werth is 60% better than the league average and Steve Lombardozzi is 37% worse.  This is different than WAR because it only measures hitting, it is not cumulative and it does not take into account player position.

Name Last Week Change This Week
Jayson Werth 162 -2 160
Bryce Harper 142 4 146
Ian Desmond 118 7 125
Ryan Zimmerman 117 0 117
Wilson Ramos 126 -16 110
Adam LaRoche 102 -1 101
Anthony Rendon 99 -3 96
Denard Span 87 8 95
Steve Lombardozzi 58 5 63
Tyler Moore 36 16 52
Chad Tracy 36 3 39


Biggest improvement this week is from Tyler Moore who looks more like they guy they thought he was after his time in AAA

Span’s 10 game hit streak increase him 8 this week

Werth in ranked behind Trout for best outfielder, Harper is #5


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