Nats Stats (WAR) End of Season

as per fangraphs

Name Last Week WAR Change This Week WAR
Ian Desmond 5.1 -0.1 5
Jayson Werth 4.4 0.2 4.6
Bryce Harper 3.7 0.1 3.8
Denard Span 3.4 0.1 3.5
Ryan Zimmerman 3 0 3
Wilson Ramos 1.8 0 1.8
Anthony Rendon 1.4 0.1 1.5
Adam LaRoche 0.7 -0.1 0.6
Steve Lombardozzi -0.8 0.4 -0.4
Tyler Moore -1.2 0 -1.2

Desmond #3 SS in NL and MLB. Hanley Ramerez passed Desmond the last week of the season

Werth #3 in MLB in RF.  Victorio  +++ fielding (pss he is a CF playing RF) Pence better at base running and fielding

Harper #6 in MLB behind Trout, CarGo, Marte, Holliday and Chris Denorfia?

Zimmerman #12, fielding stat dragged him down

Denard Span was a top 10 CF

Rendon and Ramos ended top 20



Nats Stats (wRC+) 26 Sep

as per fangraphs

Name Last Week Change This Week
Jayson Werth 161 -4 157
Bryce Harper 144 -5 139
Ryan Zimmerman 130 -1 129
Ian Desmond 119 -1 118
Wilson Ramos 121 -7 114
Adam LaRoche 103 0 103
Anthony Rendon 100 -3 97
Denard Span 99 -2 97
Steve Lombardozzi 64 1 65
Tyler Moore 61 3 64
Chad Tracy 40 -3 37


What a disaster of a week, every starter regressed.

The Nats are a long way from winning anything, and I am spooked

The Cardinal’s series has me seriously spooked.  I can actually trace my revelation about this team and the future to a quick twitter exchange.  I was a little dejected because I felt that the team has given up on the season.  After nearly getting no hit on Tuesday they put up one run on Wednesday.  Then I was reminded that the Nats perform poorly against good teams.



I looked up the Nats records against the division winners this year and it is not pretty.  7-24  for a .291 winning % and outscored 69-114

Split W L RS RA WP
ATL 6 13 49 73 .316
LAD 1 5 12 22 .167
STL 0 6 8 19 .000

I bring up the division winners because these are the matchups in the playoffs if the Nats had happened to make the wild card and won the one game playoffs.  Judging from the results from this year they would have had no chance to advance any further than they did last year.  Actually, they would be lucky to win 1 game in a 5 game series.

The Nats inspired play over the last month had me thinking that this team was not far from they perch a top the NL they held last year.  Now, I just don’t know.  Wild Card and early exit in playoffs might be the best we can hope for from this team if something significant doesn’t happen to vastly improve the team in the offseason.


Nats Stats (WAR) 23 Sept

as per fangraphs

Name Last Week WAR Change This Week WAR
Ian Desmond 5.2 -0.1 5.1
Jayson Werth 4 0.4 4.4
Bryce Harper 3.7 0 3.7
Denard Span 3 0.4 3.4
Ryan Zimmerman 2.7 0.3 3
Wilson Ramos 2 -0.2 1.8
Anthony Rendon 1.1 0.3 1.4
Adam LaRoche 0.6 0.1 0.7
Steve Lombardozzi -0.8 0 -0.8
Tyler Moore -1.1 -0.1 -1.2


Werth and Zimmerman are  now a top 10 outfielder and 3b

LaRoche is now top 20 at 1b.  Which is a significant improvement believe it or not.


Can Harper qualify with enough at bats this year: It is going to be close


One of the fun things about baseball is the myriad of statistics that can be used to analyze player performance.  One of the more interesting is the concept of batter qualification.  MLB has set a minimum number of at bats a player must have in order to qualify for year-end batting awards and in the season leaders board.  By rule a batter has to average 3.1 at bats per game to qualify, which amounts to 502 over a 162 game schedule.  Obviously the counting stats like home runs still count, but the % stats like batting average or slugging do not.

Does this really matter?  Yasiel Puig might lead the National League in batting, but he will not win the batting title because he does not have enough at bats to qualify.  The difference is baseball immortality as batting champion or foot note to history.

This year Bryce Harper is very close to qualifying.  After missing 43 games this year he might just get in there.  With 9 games left he has 465 at bats or needs 37 to qualify.  That amounts to needing an average of 4.1 per game.  Batting in the top 4 of the order he generally gets 4 per game, but the fifth one is hit or miss especially when the team wins at home and the Nats only get 8 innings at the plate.  He needs to play every game and get 5 at bats in one game and he just makes it.  I might be the only one counting this, and it doesn’t have any real world implication about the quality season Harper put up as a sophomore.  If he can get it, I would not want him to fall one at bat short.

If he qualifies here is where he stacks up:

6th best hitter in the NL per wRC+ ahead of guys like Feeman, Holliday, Tulowitzki,  Stanton, Pence and Possey

5th best outfielder in baseball wRC+ behind Trout, Werth, McCutchen, and Choo.  That is the list!

16th in OF bating average

8th in the NL in Slugging %


Nats Stats (wRC+) 19 Sept

as per fangraphs

Name Last Week Change This Week
Jayson Werth 163 -2 161
Bryce Harper 144 0 144
Ryan Zimmerman 125 5 130
Wilson Ramos 111 10 121
Ian Desmond 123 -4 119
Adam LaRoche 103 0 103
Anthony Rendon 97 3 100
Denard Span 99 0 99
Steve Lombardozzi 64 0 64
Tyler Moore 64 -3 61
Chad Tracy 41 -1 40


Harper #6 Werth #2 OF in basebaall

Zim is #5 3B in baseball now would be 9th ranked 1B





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