The Nats are a long way from winning anything, and I am spooked

The Cardinal’s series has me seriously spooked.  I can actually trace my revelation about this team and the future to a quick twitter exchange.  I was a little dejected because I felt that the team has given up on the season.  After nearly getting no hit on Tuesday they put up one run on Wednesday.  Then I was reminded that the Nats perform poorly against good teams.



I looked up the Nats records against the division winners this year and it is not pretty.  7-24  for a .291 winning % and outscored 69-114

Split W L RS RA WP
ATL 6 13 49 73 .316
LAD 1 5 12 22 .167
STL 0 6 8 19 .000

I bring up the division winners because these are the matchups in the playoffs if the Nats had happened to make the wild card and won the one game playoffs.  Judging from the results from this year they would have had no chance to advance any further than they did last year.  Actually, they would be lucky to win 1 game in a 5 game series.

The Nats inspired play over the last month had me thinking that this team was not far from they perch a top the NL they held last year.  Now, I just don’t know.  Wild Card and early exit in playoffs might be the best we can hope for from this team if something significant doesn’t happen to vastly improve the team in the offseason.



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