Year End: Lombo hates to take pitches more than any player in baseball

Steve Lombardozzi, Jr.
Steve Lombardozzi, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steve Lombardozzi is fascinating and I am not even talking about hit “grit” rating (which is off the charts).  To lead the league in certain category is something worth noting right?  Steve Lombardozzi lead MLB in the obscure category of least pitches per plate appearance; by the way, it is not even close.  He averaged 3.18 pitches per plate appearance, the next closest guy is A.J Pierzynski at 3.27 and the closest comp would be fellow 2nd baseman Jose Altuve at 3.28 who swings at everything.  To put that into perspective, that is Vlad Guerrero territory. For a while this season he was less than 3 pitches per at bat, which would be legendary.

Lombo’s walk rate is 2.6% the 2nd lowest in baseball (Pierzynski is lowest) which is virtually zero.  He also had the lowest strikeout % on the Nats at 11.1%.  Another stat that pops for him is that he had the 2nd most number of pinch hits in baseball, most of which had to have come in the 2nd half of the season when he batted .302.  So what can we say about Lombo: he swings and hits everything.

Before anybody gets too excited, he had a 67 wRC+ for the year, which means he hit 33% below league average,  mostly due to his very limited power.  Like I said, fascinating player and season.


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