About that 12 year contract for Harper

DC Baseball Thoughts

Scott Boras just made things interesting. Before he showed up at Nats park no one had ever uttered the phrase 12 year contract. So lets break this down a little bit, because the idea does have merit.

Questions to consider:

Would it really be a 12 year contract? No, not really. It would be a seven-year contract added to the end of the five years Harper is under team control.

Why 12 years? Because 12 years puts Harper at 32, in line for another big payday. Trust me, Boras knows exactly when the contract would end. There is a reason ARod had an opt out at age 32.

Is there any comparable? Nope, there are a few guys that come close. Evan Longoria signed a 15 year contact for 144.5 mil that will expire when he is 37 and Joey Votto signed a 13 year 236 million contract that will…

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