The Ultimate Jayson Werth Debate

3 Years later looking at the Werth contract. This was written before Werth had a career year at the plate in 2013

Half Street Heart Attack

The two brothers have been arguing about Jayson Werth since he first signed his name to a Nationals contract.  We finally put our argument into written words.

Justin: Jayson Werth’s contract was universally panned when he signed it over two years ago.  With four years and over $80 million to go after this season, it looks even worse.  Jayson Werth cannot stay on the field for an extended period of time (see his wrist injury last season and hamstring injury this season).  Even when he’s been on the field, he hasn’t really produced.  He has a combined WAR of only 2.2 in three seasons and has actually produced below league average since he’s been in Washington, according to Baseball Reference.  Moreover, Werth is 34 years old.  His production and health will decline further as he ages.  Two and a half years later, can you defend this contract in any way?

Jason: Game 4 NLDS…

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