Answering the Questions People Ask Google: Jayson Werth

A Google search can be very illuminating.  When people ask Google questions the site auto populates the top questions others have asked.  When it comes to the Nats, the questions people ask can very interesting.


Is Jayson Werth Edge: This is a very complicated question to answer.  Compare the pictures for yourself :

I think it can now be shared.  Jayson Werth is not Edge, but during the 2011 season, Edge actually did play in place of Jayson Werth, his first year as a Nat.  That answer is as good as any other to explain his down year.  Think about it, new team, kinda looks like him, great time to make the body double switch.  In that context Edge (Jayson) had a pretty good season.  The only problem, is that Edge was only a league average hitter so Jayson had a resume his career in 2012 and 13, which explains why he improved so much.

Is Jayson Werth still married?  Most baseball players auto populate with question about girlfriends or marriage status.  It seem like there are plenty of woman out there researching players and developing plans to accidentally bump into ball players.  What amuses me is the “still” part of the question.  Seems like there are a group of woman in the DC area who are frustrated waiting for him to go back on the dating market.  Sorry, Werth is married with two kids.  One of the reasons why he wanted a long term contract is so he could move his family and to the DC area and give his family a normal life.

Is Jayson Werth hurt?  I hope not this year.  When he was healthy last year he was the best hitter in the NL when adjusted for ballpark using wRC+.  Only players better in baseball Cabrera, Trout, and Chris Davis.


4 thoughts on “Answering the Questions People Ask Google: Jayson Werth”

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