Answering the Questions Google Asks: Anthony Rendon

A Google search can be very illuminating.  When people ask Google questions the site auto populates the top questions others have asked.  When it comes to the Nats, the questions people ask can very interesting.


Is Anthony Rendon hurt?   If it were not for injury, Rendon would not be a National.  Anthony Rendon, was the Dick Howser Trophy winner for best college baseball player his sophomore season at Rice in Houston Texas.  The immediate preceding Howser winners were Strasburg, Buster Posey, and David Price; good company right.  Rendon followed up his Howser season by struggling with an injury he received playing for the National Team, which forced him to DH most his junior year.  Before the season he was projected to be the #1 player taken in the draft, but his stock fell most say due to injury.   I think it was another reason:   He and I both attended Rice in 2011, watching him play was pretty underwhelming because nobody pitched to him; he led the NCAA in walks.  He was the Joey Votto of the NCAA.

Walked four times in a game three different times… Issued 22 intentional free passes (a total higher than some Division I players had for their entire season)… Was twice intentionally-walked when first base was already occupied 

The Nats, picking 6th in the draft were so sure that they were not getting him, they worked up 5 press releases and didn’t even bother doing one for him.  It was widely assumed that the Mariners were going to pick him number 2 in the draft, but they ended up with pitcher Danny Hultzen, who ironically will miss the 2014 after labrum surgery.  The O’s picked Dylan Bundy who had TJ Surgery the Royals picked Bubba Starling, who has been very slow to develop, and the Diamondbacks picked Trevor Bauer who they soured on due to his bad attitude and traded away.  The only player picked ahead of Rendon in the draft that looks on track is Garret Cole, the number 1 pick and pitching stud for the Pirates.

An interesting note on Rendon, he was picked by the Braves out of high school, but they tried to stiff him on signing bonus so he enrolled at Rice instead.

I got the feeling on draft day, the Nats were shocked and bewildered Rendon dropped to them.  He almost immediately got hurt and missed most of the 2012 minor league season. He had a very good Arizona Fall league, impressed in Spring last year and by June was the teams starting 2nd baseman.

Other Google Questions

Who is Anthony Rendon’s agent?  I think this question can more accurately be phrased as “Is Scott Boras Rendon’s agent.”  The answer is ……. uh yep.  This is another reason he might have dropped to the Nats.  One theory is that teams were scared off by negotiating with Boras.  The experience Rizzo had after the Strasburg and Harper drafts might have helped the Nats land him.

Is Anthony Rendon Hispanic?  Yes, but American, born and raised in the Houston, TX area.  In fact, if you only listen to his voice he sounds a lot like Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemons two other Texas good ol’boys who live in the Houston area.

How good is he?  Pretty Good, 1.5 WAR.  Hit at a league average wRC+ of 100, which puts him in the same league hitting as Anthony Rizzo and Manny Machado last year.  So far in 2014, he is looking like an elite level hitter he was projected to be coming out of college.


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