Zimmermann Should Start the Home Opener



Twice in a year a MLB team gets to set its pitching rotation: The beginning of the season and the right after the All-Star Game.  It looks like Matt Williams is missing a chance to match his pitching staff in a way that would put his best pitchers against the NL East’s best team. The season sets up so the Nats play the Braves twice in the first 4 series of the year.   The #5 starter, either Roark or Jordan, will pitch in both series including the home opener.

My theory and idea rests on a few assumptions:

The National’s pitching staff has four potential Cy Young candidates and a 5th guy.

The NL East is a two team race.  The winner is either going to be the Nats or the Braves

The Nationals have a better chance winning the division if they have their best pitcher pitch against the Braves

My proposed pitching rotation has the benefit of Jordan Zimmermann starting the “Home Opener.”  It is a chance to give him an honor and, lets face it,  home fans would rather see J Zimm on the mound than a #5 guy anyway.

Opponent Probable Proposed
@Mets Strasburg Strasburg
Off Day
@Mets Gio Gio
@Mets Zimm #5
Braves #5 Zimm
Braves Fister Fister
Braves Strasburg Strasburg
Off Day
Gio Gio
Marlins Zimm #5
Marlins #5 Zimm
@Braves Fister Fister
@Braves Strasburg Strasburg
@Braves Gio Gio

Under my proposal, Strasburg and Fister pitch twice and Gio and Zimm pitch once against the Braves and the #5 guy is reserved for series against the Mets and Marlins.  This is not a guarantee of anything, but it is an opportunity that is being overlooked.


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