Big Surprise: Bryce Harper gets ejected again


Bryce Harper got ejected from a Spring Training game today, which is just weird because nobody should be caring about the outcomes in Spring Training games. But, then again, Harper is an emotional guy and most umpires are dicks.

Anyway, watching Bryce Harper retreat to the dugout after yet another ejection made me fondly the remember the 2013 season when Bryce Harper ejections caused quite a bit of controversy.  Remember last May when umpire John Hirschbeck ejected Harper in the first inning in a game against the Pirates? Yeah, we didn’t like that.  It didn’t help that Hirschbeck threw professionalism out the window and instigated a confrontation with a player (he’s known for doing that).

And remember in July when Bryce Harper got ejected in Miami? At least that time, the umpire Hunter Wendelstadt conducted himself professionally (take note, John Hirschbeck).

Anyway, it’s not a good thing to see Harper ejected because it just gives ammunition to the anti-Harper trolls. And you can’t hit home runs when you’re watching the game from the clubhouse.

Somewhere, John Hirschbeck can’t wait for his first game against the Nationals.

Did you notice how I phrased that?


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