Answering the Questions Google Asks: Ryan Zimmerman

A Google search can be very illuminating.  When people ask Google questions the site auto populates the top questions others have asked.  When it comes to the Nats, the questions people ask can very interesting.


Does Ryan Zimmerman have a Girlfriend.  No, he does not, but he does have a lovely wife, Heather.  They were married in January 2013 in an off-season wedding.  This year they welcomed their new daughter when Mackenzie Zimmerman was born Nov. 20


Does Ryan Zimmerman have a brother:  Not one that plays for the Nats.  This is the question that most wives, moms and others that don’t follow the team ask when both Ryan and Jordan are in the game.  BTW simple abbreviation  Zim (3rd base)  Zimm (pitcher)

zim and zimm

Does Ryan Zimmerman have a gold glove?  Yes, he does. He has been one the best fielding 3B in baseball since day one.  He was awarded the gold glove for the 2009 season.

gold glove

Does Ryan Zimmerman have MS. No, In 1995, his mother Cheryl was diagnosed with MS.  Ryan has dedicated his time and money to finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  Every year he holds a big fundraising event at the park on an off-day.  You can read about his foundation at









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