The Twitter Reactions from Braves fans wondering why their team lit the American flag on fire during the home opener

So, there was a report this morning that the Atlanta Braves accidentally (hopefully) set an American flag on fire during pre-game fireworks before their home opener yesterday.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out whether that’s an appropriate display of patriotism.

Now, I wasn’t there to confirm whether this is true, but a quick search of Twitter shows that more than a few people were disturbed by something last night. A roundup:


One thought on “The Twitter Reactions from Braves fans wondering why their team lit the American flag on fire during the home opener”

  1. however that it is near impossible to put a ctieratge paper between them speaking literally and that regardless of how really awful they are by default (as if according to a pact) to others standing at the door looking in who are excluded. [Rabble, rabble, inside and out.]By that same token who wants an environment where politics is about drawing support and/or attempting to along lines of observations of the presentation of, as a purely random example, Christopher Pyne who is not an unattractive human being but lean and relatively healthy looking and has a funny voice and so do I, but Christopher has the guts to get on with it despite the slings and arrows and isolation or Barnaby Joyce who has the biggest smile in the world when he lets it rip in comfort especially provoked as result of his recent success and so on and on and on. I always begin to read every article and every comment considering each thoughtfully to the best of my ability and sure enough sooner every time, I feel alienated. I understand that the dominant voice is purported to be the left wing inasmuch as it supports the voters of the Labor Party and the Greens, so help us all if this is going to swing support to a left wing vote or for that matter an intention to pursue engagement in the political arena or needs of people of diverse electorates, needs that are rarely referenced. Savage earth. No, I am not writing on behalf of Carisbrooke who is so persistently provocative I noticed after a while he is all over the place to the point I wondered if he was a stoolie trying to bring the pub unhinged. I think that wouldn’t be hard if all we have left participating actively is us. A number of people will not throw their hat in this ring or participate by sending in contributions. Hell, I’ve tried.

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