Ranking the Nats Hitters So Far This Year


The best way to evaluate hitters in my book is to use the advanced stat wRC+.  This stat takes sOBA (weighted on base average which quantifies the value of a hitters outcome HBP to HR) and adjusts it for park effects and then puts it on a scale.  A batter who has a wRC+of 100 is MLB average. This years the Nats best hitter is Anthony Rendon followed by ALR and then Jayson Werth.  The interesting thing is Werth is not that far ahead of last years pace, which had him ranked 4th in MLB.  Another interesting take away: based on last years stats, Jose Lobaton is probably a little underrated as a hitter by the Nats fan base.  If this data was pulled yesterday Harper would have been a negative wRC+, that is BJ Upton territory.

# Name wOBA Last Year wRC+
1 Anthony Rendon 0.475 100 204
2 Adam LaRoche 0.449 103 187
3 Jayson Werth 0.432 160 175
4 Ryan Zimmerman 0.412 125 162
5 Denard Span 0.331 97 107
6 Ian Desmond 0.296 116 84
7 Danny Espinosa 0.259 23 59
8 Jose Lobaton 0.245 103 50
9 Bryce Harper 0.242 137 48

One thought on “Ranking the Nats Hitters So Far This Year”

  1. As someone that has been a stacnuh BJ Upton fan/supporter, maybe it’s time we all open our eyes a bit. BJ is AT BEST and average offensive CF’er he is currently 15th in wOBA among CF’ers with a .326wOBA. It’s probably safe to say he is around a .330wOBA performer based on his past 4 season. He has built the reputation as outstanding defensive CF’er, but since 2008 his UZR/150 has been 8.4, 7.5, 1.9, and -13.7. His arm has gone downhill the past several seasons, as well.I’m not saying BJ is a bad player, just saying this may be a guy that is an average offensive CF’er that strikes out a boatload, a solid defensive CF’er that is trending downward, and someone that is becoming pretty expensive for the 2-3WAR he may be worth.

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