According to Baseball Reference advertising rates, the Nationals are the 22nd most popular team in baseball


How do you measure the popularity of a baseball team? Attendance? TV ratings? While that seems like the most logical way, it also seems unreliable as numbers fluctuate season to season based on the success of the team.

Various people have attempted to measure popularity via Facebook, which is certainly one way to do it. But a study using Facebook seems a little biased towards people who–well, use Facebook. Harris Interactive, an actual polling company, does an annual poll. If you’re looking for something scientific, this is the best way to go.

But that’s no fun. Since I’m a fan of the website Baseball Reference, I looked at the website’s advertising rates.  In case you don’t know, anyone can “sponsor” a Baseball Reference page, and Baseball Reference conveniently lists the cost of doing so right there on their site for everyone to see.

Below are the listed prices to sponsor the 2014 Baseball Reference page for each team in Major League Baseball. The Nationals are ranked 22nd among the 30 teams.

No, this is not scientific, but it’s not arbitrary either. After all, these rates are based on something, presumably page views. According to the list below, the Nationals are the 22nd most popular team in baseball, at least among those fans who use Baseball Reference. And let’s be honest, those are the fans you want anyway.

1. Boston Red Sox $1100

2. New York Yankees $1070

3. St. Louis Cardinals $580

4. Detroit Tigers $570

5. Los Angeles Dodgers $535

6. New York Mets $495

7. Atlanta Braves $495

8. Baltimore Orioles $485

9. Seattle Mariners $460

10. Texas Rangers $445

11. Philadelphia Phillies $420

12. Los Angeles Angels $410

13. Cincinnati Reds $405

14. Chicago Cubs $395

15. Oakland Athletics $385

16. Pittsburgh Pirates $380

17. Toronto Blue Jays $365

18. Cleveland Indians $360

19. Tampa Bay Rays $355

19. Kansas City Royals $355

21. San Francisco Giants $345

22. Washington Nationals $340

23. Arizona Diamondbacks $320

24. Chicago White Sox $310

25. Houston Astros $280

26. Minnesota Twins $275

26. Milwaukee Brewers $275

28. Colorado Rockies $235

28. Miami Marlins $235

30. San Diego Padres $220


2 thoughts on “According to Baseball Reference advertising rates, the Nationals are the 22nd most popular team in baseball”

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