Surprise, The Nats Best Hitter This Year Is the Player We Can’t Wait To Replace: wRC+

Surprise, the Nationals best hitter this year is the one player just about everyone can’t wait to replace, Adam LaRoche.  He is in part benefiting from Matt Williams smartly platooning him against quality left handed starters, but his is delivering early in the season.  His OBP this year is 50 points above everyone else on the team.

Last week was a pretty tough week for most of the lineup with the exception of ALR. Espinosa and Loabaton.  Span, Desmond, Werth Harper and Rendon all had a bad weeks results wise.  Werth and Rendon  had BABIPs in the 100s which means they were hitting the ball, just at people.

Just a reminder, we use wRC+ (weighted runs created) because it provides a better context for understanding a players offensive contribution.  wRC+ takes wOBA and puts it on a scale with 100 being league average and 157 being 57% above league average

Name wOBA Last Week Season
Adam LaRoche 0.400 147 157
Anthony Rendon 0.369 69 136
Jayson Werth 0.359 52 129
Danny Espinosa 0.359 126 129
Bryce Harper 0.311 -19 96
Jose Lobaton 0.307 153 93
Ian Desmond 0.272 37 69
Denard Span 0.269 37 67
Sandy Leon 0.241 108 48
Nate McLouth 0.202 -23 20

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