Let the Nationals players pick the 7th inning song

Here are two things that will always be true:

1. Everybody loves music.

2. Nobody will ever agree on music.

Everybody wants a great 7th inning song — something that’ll get the crowd fired up and back into the game, especially if the Nationals are losing. Here’s the problem: no one will ever agree on the song. Look around the stadium: every possible age and demographic is represented at Nationals Park. As a child of the 80’s, I loved ‘Take on Me’*, but some older and younger Nats patrons probably hated it. The Nationals could choose something by Miley Cyrus or Katie Perry for the 7th inning song and the kids would love it, but everyone over 40 would probably shake their head in disgust. Likewise, the Nationals could choose something by the Beatles to get the old people fired up, but everyone under 20 would wonder what the hell they’re listening to.

* I objected to ‘Take on the Me’ on the grounds it belonged to Mike Morse, not the Nationals.

The Nationals won’t make everyone happy, so here’s my advice. Stop trying. Let the players choose the 7th inning music.

The Nationals players would probably love it. They already pick their walk-up music, and they do a pretty damn good job. Don’t forget, that’s where ‘Take on Me’ came from in the first place. If the Nats can’t find a 7th inning song, let Bryce Harper do it. And Jayson Werth. And Jose Lobaton. Let them rotate, and then show on the Jumbotron which player picked the song as it’s playing.

This would be fun for the fans. It would let the Nationals PR people off the hook. And most importantly, the players would love to do it.

If the whole point is to get the players fired up late in the game, why not let them be a part of the process?


One thought on “Let the Nationals players pick the 7th inning song”

  1. I don’t know about rotating a song every game, but maybe if the team picked one together for the length of the season? I feel like a consistent song during the seventh inning is more fun for the crowd. If it changes every game no one is going to care about it.

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