Why do Bryce Harper’s comments bother you?

So, you’re upset about Bryce Harper’s comments.

One question: why do you care?

Ryan Zimmerman didn’t care, or least didn’t appear to when he ripped 3 base hits including 2 doubles. Adam LaRoche didn’t appear to care when he hit his 12th home run of the season. And Ian Desmond definitely didn’t care when Bryce Harper’s imposing presence in the lineup allowed him to get a bases loaded situation in the bottom of the 6th inning yesterday after Harper was intentionally walked. Desmond didn’t seem too perturbed when he was standing on second after clearing the bases, pointing towards the dugout in celebration, Harper back at him.

No, these are big boys and they’re professionals. They have opinions and sometimes they share them. There are disagreements in the clubhouse, like any workplace. But collectively, it didn’t seem like the Bryce Harper Clubhouse Cancer had quite metastasized. They’re just happy to have Harper back in the lineup. He makes them a better team.

Perhaps you care because Harper’s comments were negative towards Denard Span. While not mentioning Span, by suggesting Zim in left and himself in center, Bryce was certainly implying Denard should be moved to the bench.

And while there’s no proof Zimmerman and Desmond were bothered by Harper’s comments, Span didn’t have a particularly good game. He went 0-3 and missed his best RBI opportunity on the night, meekly popping out to shortstop with runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out in the third inning.

But, then again, maybe that’s just who Denard Span is. After all, Span is the player with a whopping one home in 335 plate appearances and a .312 on base percentage despite batting first in the order. Despite Danny Espinosa’s struggles, maybe it’s not so unreasonable to suggest a Harper-CF, Zimmerman-LF, Rendon-3B, Espinosa-2B lineup is the Nationals best chance of winning.

Maybe that’s why you’re bothered by Harper’s comments.

You’re worried he’s right.



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